Impact Forum 2021:The 2000 most influential companies, according to WBA

Maria Herrero Transcendent consultant

The World Benchmarking Alliancea panel dedicated to the 2000 most influential companies for a better world, 23 of which are Spanish, has closed the Impact Forum of this year

Victoria Márquez-Mees, member of the WBA Board of Trustees and board member of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBDR), and María Herrero, partner at Transcendenthave closed the Impact Forum 2021 which, as every year, organises Ship2BOnce again this year it was one of the benchmark events of the Impact Economy.

For the closing session of the event, both directors focused their speeches on the role of business in the Impact Economicsthrough the rankings compiled by the World Benchmarking Alliance of the United Nations (WBA).

These rankings include 7 drivers, from the social driver (in which all companies participate) to other more specific sectoral drivers such as Nature, Financial System, Agriculture and Food, Digital Inclusion, Energy and Climate and Urban.

These rankings include the 2000 companies that have been considered, according to Márquez-Mees, the most influential in their respective sectors around the world "either for their sales, or for their production chain, or for their footprint in a developing country, or for their impact on the supply chain...".

The 23 Spanish companies included in the Ranking

Of these 2000 companies that have been chosen in their different sectors, 23 are Spanish and the publication of the indices and the transformation efforts of these 2000 companies will be made public in 2023.

With less than ten years to go before we all reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)The question is, what role do companies want to play? Because business has become the engine of change and sustainability indices, including the WBA, are a lever to drive this transformation.

In 2023 the World Benchmarking Alliance make public the data of these 2000 companies, so that governments, suppliers, investors, employees, consumers and citizens can have access to the World Ranking of the most sustainable companies committed to the common good.

"Our wish is for Spanish companies to lead the ranking".said María Herrero who, together with Victoria Márquez-Mees, agreed on a call to action so that these 23 large Spanish companies accelerate to be at the forefront of this unprecedented race, but which will mark a before and after in the business model of leadership.

VIII Ship2B Impact Forum arrives

Impact Forum S2B

The VIII S2B Impact Forumthe leading congress on the impact economy, will be held between 24 and 26 November to discuss the real transformationThe transition from ideas to facts, the changes in models and the advantages and difficulties involved in putting them into practice. 

The first day will focus on the companies and startups that are transforming. They will talk to entrepreneurs and business people who are driving impact and who are facing different challenges as they scale up.

This first day will feature speakers such as Saskia BruystenYunus Social Business co-founder and CEO, who will explain her experience of how the impact-driven model can be both profitable and scalable in a session with Maria Angeles Leonco-founder and CEO of the Open Value Foundation, a Oscar Pierrewith whom we will analyse the difficulties that can be encountered on the road to impact in a startup like Glovo.

Towards a new sustainable economic model

The second day of the Impact Forum, which will focus on the facilitators of transformationThe European Commission and the European Commission, which provide support to these companies and entrepreneurs, whether through acceleration, funding or regulation.

This session will be opened by Sir Ronald Cohenthe father of impact economics and chairman of Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG). Cohen, who will analyse what needs to be done to transform companies and generate a new economic model based on sustainability.

In addition, the following will participate Filipe Almeida (NAB Portugal), Stéphanie Goujon (French Impact) and José Luis Ruiz de Munaín (SpainNAB) to analyse the role of the public sector in facilitating or even accelerating this process of economic innovation.

And since today more than ever a powerful narrative is vital to build a future with the conviction that it is worth working for, international leaders in constructive journalism such as Alfredo Casares (Institute for Constructive Journalism), Tina Rosenberg (The New York Times) and Ulrik Haagerup (Constructive Institute) will examine the role of journalism in this transformation.

Tim Jackson (Center for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity) will close the day with a discussion on the need for "Reshaping capitalism to drive real change". Capitalism has been the engine of our modern societies, it has brought innovation and wealth, but it has also led to excesses, such as inequalities and environmental damage. The question is, how can we put the economic engine and finance at the service of people and the planet?

Corporate impact strategies

The final day of the VIII Impact Forum Congress will bring together investors and CEOs of large companies to share ideas on the implementation of impact strategies and business model changes, while analysing the challenges of this integration, the involvement of management in enabling change and the role of investment in driving this transformation.

Speakers in this analysis will include such distinguished speakers as Cliff Priorof the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), Bertrand Badréby Blue like an orange capital, Keimpe Keuningof LGT Capital Partners, Cristina Marsalfrom Sandman. Firoz LadakCEO of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, or Maria Peñaof ICEX.

All information on the Ship2B Impact Forum can be found on its website at websiteFind out more about business impact in the Transcendent blog!

The 24th National Congress of Family Businesses focuses on Sustainability

His Majesty the King with family business congress

La Empresa Familiar begins its XXIV National Congress in Pamplona with a declaration in which it reaffirms its commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The XXIV National Congress of Family Businessesinaugurated by the King of Spain, Felipe VI, will be held in Pamplona on 24, 25 and 26 October. This year's meeting will focus on Sustainability in family businesses and the challenge of incorporating purpose and the transformation towards the new impact capitalism of this type of business.

The meeting, which returns to its traditional face-to-face format after last year's online edition, is an event organised by the Instituto de la Empresa Familiar (IEF) and is expected to be attended by more than 500 entrepreneurs from family businesses from all over Spain.

The congress, which has become one of the most important business forums in Spain, will also be attended by political personalities such as the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, whose final presence is still to be confirmed, and the leader of the opposition and president of the Partido Popular, Pablo Casado.

Numerous events will be held over the three days, with round tables, keynote presentations and interviews with company representatives from all over Spain. 

The round table on "The impact revolution"will feature a videoconference with the participation by Sir Ronald CohenThe event will be addressed in person by María Herrero, a partner in the international benchmark of the impact economy. TranscendentAinhoa Grandes, president of the Foundation Ship2BTeresa Guardans, co-founder of Oryx Impactand Alejandra Mitjans, director of Ashoka Spain.

The meeting will also be attended by Paul Polmanformer CEO of Unilever, chairman of Imagine, and one of the world's leading figures in the impact economy.

To see the agenda of the event click here.

Transform Europe 2021, the event for senior executives in sustainability.

Transform Europe 2021

Executives from multinationals such as Microsoft, Heineken, McDonald's, Unilever, Kraft Heinz and Santander, among others, will attend the meeting, which will take place on 23 and 24 November. 

2021 is a defining moment for sustainable business. Businesses must shift to a collective sustainable mindset across their operations and value chain, integrating sustainable practices into every job function. 

Building a sustainable business is no longer limited to the sustainability function, but the entire business value chain has a key role to play in transforming the business to be both goal- and profit-oriented. Businesses must adopt innately sustainable practices to maintain and enhance their reputation, resilience and long-term profitability.

Transform Europe 2021which will take place on 23-24 November, is an event organised by Reuters which will bring together over 2,000 senior sustainability executives directly responsible for implementing systemic sustainable change in complex global supply chains to share and discuss the critical agenda for business, which addresses the most important areas for a sustainable transition, including: 

  • Achieving net zero emissions 
  • Transforming supplier relationships 
  • Reassessing the plastics and waste dilemma 
  • Analysing sustainability as a business imperative 
  • Putting nature and people at the heart of the strategy 

The meeting will be attended by executives from multinationals such as Microsoft, Heineken, McDonald's, Unilever, Kraft Heinz and Santander, among others. 

To register for the Transform Europe 2021 event, you can access here.

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European SDG Summit 2021, the European summit to advance the SDGs

European SDG Summit 2021

From 11 to 15 October, CSR Europe welcomes the European SDG Summit 2021.

In the face of the climate crisis and weakened social cohesion, this summit is a collective and widespread call for mobilisation, leadership and collective action to build a prosperous and inclusive society while pursuing a green and digital transition, according to the organisers themselves.

Among the activities planned for the European SDG Summit 2021In addition, action-oriented dialogues between business leaders, sectoral associations, civil society and European policy makers; 4 high-level plenary sessions; 26 SDG roundtables to broaden collaboration in achieving the SDGs; and 500 speakers from different sectors.

In addition, following the launch of the European Pact for Sustainable Industry - a public campaign to make the European Green Deal and its Climate Pact a success - this year CSR Europe is launching the first ever Sustainable Industry Barometer, in conjunction with Moody's Vigeo Eiris.

The Barometer will provide data on the level of sustainability and maturity of European industry federations, demonstrating the progress made and where further efforts are needed. 

The European SDG Summit 2021 is online and to access it you can register here.

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GSG Global Impact Summit, the benchmark event in impact investing

Global Impact Summit

The GSG Global Impact Summitthe world's most influential impact investment event, focused on delivering impactful solutions for people and planet, takes place from 6-8 October 2021. 

Over the past five years, this event has become the premier forum for the impact community to come together, exchange ideas, build relationships and re-launch the future of impact investing.  

Mobilising capital for impact; impact on emerging economies; green and social solutions for a just transition; and harmonisation and transparency of impact are the main topics of debate at this meeting. 

More than 200 expert speakers and 1,500 participants from 75 countries are taking part in this year's summit. Industry leaders in the business impact sector such as Douglas PetersonGonzalo Gortázar, Chairman and CEO of S&P Global, Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of S&P Global, and Gonzalo Gortázar, Chairman and CEO of S&P Global. CaixaBankHiro MizunoSpecial Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Innovative Finance and Sustainable Investment, Julia Gillardformer Prime Minister of Australia and Sir Ronald CohenThe Global Impact Summit, chair of the Global Impact Investment Steering Group, is part of the agenda of this international event on impact investing. 

First Business Purpose Barometer

Business purpose barometer

It analyses the responses of almost 300 managers in terms of knowledge, activation, leadership, barriers and cross-company communication of purpose.

APD (Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección) and Transcendent, the Spanish consulting firm specialising in business impact and ESG asset management, have organised a meeting to present the conclusions of the First Business Purpose Barometer in Spain.

The meeting will take place on 8 July from 10-11h and will be attended by José Armando Tellado, Director General of Capsa FoodIgnacio González, CEO of New Pescanovaand Ana Claver, Managing Director, Head of Iberia, US Offshore & Latam from Robeco. They will discuss how their organisations have activated purpose and how they intend to turn it into a strategic lever to improve the profitability of their companies and aim to generate positive impact.

This Barometer, based on a survey of almost 300 managers, has assessed the degree of activation of purpose in companies as a lever to improve their results, as well as the perception of managers about who has to lead the management of purpose and the degree of engagement it generates in employees, among other issues.

The meeting will be hosted by Enrique Sánchez de León, Managing Director of APDand moderated by Angel Pérez Agenjo, Managing Partner of Transcendent.

The findings will allow us to better understand the trends and challenges in defining, activating, measuring and understanding the value that purpose creates for companies and their stakeholders.

If you want to know more about the Barometer of the Business Purpose you can download the report hereíFind out more about Transcendent on our website!

BforPlanet, a boost to the SDGs from the corporate sphere


On 7 and 8 July, the Montjuïc exhibition centre of Fira de Barcelona will host the first edition of the BforPlanetan event to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (UN) in the private sector.

The meeting, which will revolve around 5 thematic axes: partnerships, sustainable growth, climate action, innovation and social inclusion, will be attended by independent experts, senior representatives of international institutions and organisations, and private sector executives. All of them will address sustainability and the implementation of the SDGs in the business world.

In this first edition of BforPlanet Among others, Luis Felipe López-Calva, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at UNDP (UN); Augusto López-Claros, Director of Global Indicators and Analysis at the World Bank; Yolanda García, member of the Directorate-General for Energy at the European Commission; Rodolfo Lacy, Director of Environment at the OECD; Yolanda Kakabadse, former President of WWF and former Minister of the Environment of Ecuador; Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Global Leader for Climate and Energy at WWF; Cristina Sánchez, Executive Director of the Spanish network of the United Nations Global Compact; Marcello Palazzi, co-founder of B Lab Europe; Ana Palencia, Director of Communication and Sustainable Business at Unilever; and Joan Roca, chef at Celler de Can Roca.

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Together towards a new time

Road to Impact by Angel Perez Agenjo

Spain NAB organises its second annual impact investment event from 14-17 June

Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of CaixaBank, Larry FinkFounder and CEO of BlackRock, or Sir Ronald CohenGSG president are some of the heavyweights at the event that the Spain NAB This year's event will focus on impact investment.

The panel with these leading figures from the world of impact business will take place on 14 June and aims to define a roadmap for reinventing capitalism from the point of view of different actors in the financial system. It will also try to envision what the financial system will look like in 5 to 10 years and will explore the necessary levers for change, the existing barriers and the role that impact investment can play in this change.

The meeting, which will take place from 14 to 17 June, will bring together numerous personalities from the world of impact economics in Spain. Transcendent will participate by moderating a panel to discuss measurement standards and impact management on 15 June at 12.30 pm.

It will be 4 days where all the relevant issues for the sector, its main challenges and the lines to be followed in the coming years will be addressed.

You can register here. It is an online event, free of charge and without limited capacity.

New Corporate Governance Challenges for Family Businesses

María Herrero Panel IEF

"The real battle facing the world is not the tension between broken capitalism and redesigned capitalism, between liberalism and protectionism, between China and the United States, or between populism and nationalism: the real battle is whether or not there is real purpose, and above all whether we play by the rules to advance economic progress and shared prosperity".


Sustainability and the responses expected from family businesses in the face of society's new demands were the focus of debate on 27 May at a conference organised by the Instituto de la Empresa Familiar (IEF) and the Institute for Governance and Society (IGS).

Do these new objectives and guiding principles coincide with the values traditionally identified with family businesses? What do family businesses need to do to address these new objectives and guiding principles? corporate governance challenges?

Long-term vision, consideration of the interests of suppliers, customers and communities in general, concern for the environment, diversity and other factors on the social agenda today have become the new vectors around which business excellence is conceived.

María Herrero, partner of TranscendentHe participated to talk about commitment, purpose and family business.

"The real battle facing the world is not the tension between broken capitalism and redesigned capitalism, between liberalism and protectionism, between China and the United States, or between populism and nationalism: the real battle is whether there is real purpose or not, and above all whether we play by the rules to advance economic progress and shared prosperity," said María Herrero in her intervention.

If you want to see the video of this day you can click on hereDiscover the challenges of corporate governance!