Global Impact Summit

GSG Global Impact Summit, the benchmark event in impact investing

The GSG Global Impact Summitthe world's most influential impact investment event, focused on delivering impactful solutions for people and planet, takes place from 6-8 October 2021. 

Over the past five years, this event has become the premier forum for the impact community to come together, exchange ideas, build relationships and re-launch the future of impact investing.  

Mobilising capital for impact; impact on emerging economies; green and social solutions for a just transition; and harmonisation and transparency of impact are the main topics of debate at this meeting. 

More than 200 expert speakers and 1,500 participants from 75 countries are taking part in this year's summit. Industry leaders in the business impact sector such as Douglas PetersonGonzalo Gortázar, Chairman and CEO of S&P Global, Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of S&P Global, and Gonzalo Gortázar, Chairman and CEO of S&P Global. CaixaBankHiro MizunoSpecial Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Innovative Finance and Sustainable Investment, Julia Gillardformer Prime Minister of Australia and Sir Ronald CohenThe Global Impact Summit, chair of the Global Impact Investment Steering Group, is part of the agenda of this international event on impact investing. 

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