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Only companies that incorporate social impact at the core of their business will be successful in the coming years.
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What does Transcendent do?

We are a consultancy specialising in Corporate Social Impact. From defining and activating your purpose, managing sustainability and actively integrating ESG parameters into company governance, to managing impact as a strategic asset.

How is Transcendent different from other strategy consultancies?

Transcendent is a consulting firm focused on providing services to companies related to sustainability and business impact. We support business leaders in addressing social and environmental challenges and ESG performance by transforming them into opportunities to generate impact and, at the same time, improve their business.

For which companies has Transcendent carried out projects?

Our clients include companies such as Orange, L'Oreal, Cobas Asset Management, Lilly, Iberia, Roadis, Cinfa and MasMovil.

What are the advantages of generating positive impact?

For the company, it allows you to increase your revenue, improve your positioning and connect with your customers. It also streamlines your processes, attracts and retains talent and identifies opportunities for growth and efficiency.

How big does my business need to be to have a positive impact?

Any company, regardless of size, can transform itself and become sustainable, adapting its business by activating its purpose, enhancing its ESG performance and generating positive social and environmental impact.

What does it mean to be a B Corp company?

BCorp certified companies meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and corporate responsibility.
There are currently more than 100,000 companies registered for its impact assessment worldwide. However, only 600 in Europe and 4,000 in the world have been able to obtain certification.

Can Transcendent help me become a BCorp company?

Yes, Transcendent was part of the first group of B multipliers in Spain in 2018. Today our team's 75% is a B multiplier.
In 2019, BCorp became the first of our clients to be certified and currently a relevant part of our business is to accompany companies in their initial analysis process and preparation for certification.
Can I qualify as a B Corp if I am a small or medium-sized enterprise?
We have experience in BCorp projects with companies of very varied profiles: from some with sales of less than one million euros to others with a turnover of more than one billion euros.

We work in many sectors (retail, finance, pharma, telco, ...) and with companies that have their core business in different areas of the value chain, from production to distribution, or the sale of products and services.

How can I access European funding to boost the business impact of my organisation?

Transcendent provides advice and support to companies in accessing EU recovery funds for transformative sustainability projects.

How can I join the Transcendent team?

If you are interested in joining Transcendent, you can send your CV to info@transcendent or by accessing the open recruitment processes through Transcendent on LinkedIn.

How can I contact Transcendent?

If you need general, commercial or support information: phone: 911 905 468.

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Would you like to be part of the team of Transcendent?

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