Business purpose barometer

First Business Purpose Barometer

It analyses the responses of almost 300 managers in terms of knowledge, activation, leadership, barriers and cross-company communication of purpose.

APD (Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección) and Transcendent, the Spanish consulting firm specialising in business impact and ESG asset management, have organised a meeting to present the conclusions of the First Business Purpose Barometer in Spain.

The meeting will take place on 8 July from 10-11h and will be attended by José Armando Tellado, Director General of Capsa FoodIgnacio González, CEO of New Pescanovaand Ana Claver, Managing Director, Head of Iberia, US Offshore & Latam from Robeco. They will discuss how their organisations have activated purpose and how they intend to turn it into a strategic lever to improve the profitability of their companies and aim to generate positive impact.

This Barometer, based on a survey of almost 300 managers, has assessed the degree of activation of purpose in companies as a lever to improve their results, as well as the perception of managers about who has to lead the management of purpose and the degree of engagement it generates in employees, among other issues.

The meeting will be hosted by Enrique Sánchez de León, Managing Director of APDand moderated by Angel Pérez Agenjo, Managing Partner of Transcendent.

The findings will allow us to better understand the trends and challenges in defining, activating, measuring and understanding the value that purpose creates for companies and their stakeholders.

If you want to know more about the Barometer of the Business Purpose you can download the report hereíFind out more about Transcendent on our website!

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