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B CORP Way, European Sustainability and Impact Consultants

Transcendent has become part of this community of European consultancy firms advising companies on their transformation towards sustainability.

Companies are increasingly looking to generate positive impact not only for their shareholders or from a financial point of view, but to generate impact with what they do in their surroundings, in the environment and in society. But how do they get started, how do they map that journey, what changes will make the biggest difference, who can they learn from to make lasting change?

The B Corp Way has some answers.

This community of 44 European B Corp certified consultancies from 15 countries offering services in 17 languages, which Transcendent has just joined, connects companies seeking to improve their impact with B Corp certified consultants. These firms provide strategic sustainability consulting services, and accompany them in their transformation process and impact measurement.

This European initiative is expected to be extended to Latin America and the United States.

What is B Corp? It is a seal of social, environmental and governance excellence awarded to companies that are certified with this seal. In Europe, the number of 500 B Corps has just exceeded 500 and it is estimated that the growth rate of new certifications exceeds 30%.

We know that transforming a company's operations and approach takes time, commitment and boldness. Companies going through this process need support. Roadmaps, leadership, examples and sometimes collaboration with other companies. This is what the B Corp Way programme offers.

But what kind of services can be found in B Corp Way?

From how to use the B Impact Assessment to measure the company's current impact and map the path to improvement and possible B Corp certification, to how to become a zero emission company, how to use the SDGs and the B Lab tool to create behavioural change to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, how to approach the sustainable transformation of a company, how to implement B Corp principles in the company's governance bodies or how to use marketing and communication to effectively share the company's commitment to the principles of social and environmental excellence, are some of the services provided.

B Corp Way, the platform of European B Corp consultancies that advises companies on sustainability.

Why now?

Behind this initiative is the conviction of many business leaders that companies will only survive if they innovate and focus on improving the planet and their environment through what they do.

The demand from society and the market for companies, especially large ones, to act and contribute to minimising the climate crisis and inequalities is an irreversible process.

It is not only about achieving a greater positive impact, but also about drastically reducing a company's negative impact. In this process, knowledge, advice and strategic and process consultancy are key factors in moving in the right direction.

Our next generation of leaders needs to make decisions based on ESG parameters and indicators under the principles of fairness and respect for the environment and society. Over time, this transformation will move from the company level to the sectoral level, thereby creating systemic change in our economy.

At Transcendent we are very proud to have been selected by B Lab Europe as members of this select club and we are fully committed to be part of this change and to help and advise Spanish and European companies to carry out this journey to impact, as necessary as it is exciting.

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