The services sector is undergoing a transformation driven by digitalisation, the green transition and new consumer habits. This poses risks for companies in the sector, while at the same time creating opportunities for those who are able to identify and seize them.
  • Issuance of greenhouse gases: costs arising from compliance with emission regulations.
  • Generation and management of waste.
  • Energy consumption high.
  • Employment practices: working conditions along the supply chain.
  • Social inequality and access to basic services.
  • Demographic transition: to serve an ageing and growing population.
  • Employee training in digital skills and sustainability.
  • Potential impact on transition costs towards more sustainable models.
  • Operating in an international environment unstable and uncertain.
  • Digital transformation: need to reformulate processes to advance the transition to a digital economy and society.
  • Evolution of the preferences and behaviour of consumers that affect demand.
  • Growing interest consumer demand for sustainable services and products with a positive impact.
  • Differentiation and competitive advantage: leading sustainability in the sector.
  • Circular economy: circular business models.
  • Innovation to create sustainable alternatives.
  • Optimisation of the value chain processes and maximise energy efficiency.
  • Application of new technologies, to improve the supply of services, optimise processes and mitigate negative impacts.
  • Support to other sectors in the transformation of the production model.
We provide expertise and support to help mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities specific to this sector.


Defining the business purpose

and incorporation into the company's activity.

Materiality analysis:

identification of the sustainability issues that generate the greatest risks and opportunities.

Strategic sustainability plan

setting objectives, indicators and actions to achieve them.

Responsible supply chain management:

GHG emissions, water use, waste generation, labour practices...

Emission reduction plan:

objectives and roadmap.

Measuring social and environmental impact

of the company's activity.