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Transcendent joins the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) partner club

Transcendent joins the Word Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) partner club

Transcendent, the Spanish consulting firm specialising in Corporate Social Impact, has become a reference partner of the WBA (World Benchmarking Alliance) in our country. This international organisation based in the Netherlands works to create an ecosystem that encourages and accelerates the efforts of companies to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations in 2015.

The World Benchmarking Alliance, created among others by the United Nations Foundation, has more than 150 members including private companies, international and civil society organisations such as UNICEF, ABN-Amro, Oxfam, Thompson Reuters, Aviva, ING, WWF and Cambridge University among others. It should be noted that WBA is supported by the Dutch, British and German governments.

Climate change, human rights, digital inclusion, gender equality, social transformation and sustainable agriculture are at the core of the WBA's activities, which it analyses globally and systematically in order to promote the implementation of all types of measures that enable progress to be made towards achieving the SDGs set by the United Nations.

"We are delighted to welcome Transcendent to our club and look forward to collaborating with them in our mission to create a movement that encourages business impact - particularly with the 21 Spanish companies that make up SDG2000 - by working towards a sustainable future for all.said Paulina Murphy, Engagement Director of the World Benchmarking Alliance.

In this sense, the inclusion of Transcendent in this alliance represents for the Spanish consultancy firm a boost to its management and its focus of action, which revolves around accelerating corporate social impact by helping Spanish companies to incorporate both social and environmental impact at the heart of their activity.

"At Transcendent we work every day to put social and environmental impact at the heart of our clients' business. Joining the WBA is a natural step for us, as we want to help shape the private sector in a way that moves companies towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, just as the WBA has been doing so far. We believe that measurement and analysis are key to driving business impact and the WBA is ahead of the curve in the race to make this a reality, explained Angel Pérez Agenjo, founder and Leading Partner of Transcendent.

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