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Impact Forum: The 2000 most influential companies, according to WBA.

The World Benchmarking Alliancea panel dedicated to the 2000 most influential companies for a better world, 23 of which are Spanish, has closed the Impact Forum of this year

Victoria Márquez-Mees, member of the WBA Board of Trustees and board member of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBDR), and María Herrero, partner at Transcendenthave closed the Impact Forum 2021 which, as every year, organises Ship2BOnce again this year it was one of the benchmark events of the Impact Economy.

For the closing session of the event, both directors focused their speeches on the role of business in the Impact Economicsthrough the rankings compiled by the World Benchmarking Alliance of the United Nations (WBA).

These rankings include 7 drivers, from the social driver (in which all companies participate) to other more specific sectoral drivers such as Nature, Financial System, Agriculture and Food, Digital Inclusion, Energy and Climate and Urban.

These rankings include the 2000 companies that have been considered, according to Márquez-Mees, the most influential in their respective sectors around the world "either for their sales, or for their production chain, or for their footprint in a developing country, or for their impact on the supply chain...".

The 23 Spanish companies included in the Ranking

Of these 2000 companies that have been chosen in their different sectors, 23 are Spanish and the publication of the indices and the transformation efforts of these 2000 companies will be made public in 2023.

With less than ten years to go before we all reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)The question is, what role do companies want to play? Because business has become the engine of change and sustainability indices, including the WBA, are a lever to drive this transformation.

In 2023 the World Benchmarking Alliance make public the data of these 2000 companies, so that governments, suppliers, investors, employees, consumers and citizens can have access to the World Ranking of the most sustainable companies committed to the common good.

"Our wish is for Spanish companies to lead the ranking".said María Herrero who, together with Victoria Márquez-Mees, agreed on a call to action so that these 23 large Spanish companies accelerate to be at the forefront of this unprecedented race, but which will mark a before and after in the business model of leadership.

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