#ESG Management

The management of the aspects ESG
in companies listed

¿How are large companies incorporating sustainability into their decision-making bodies? Do they have measurable social and environmental objectives? What is not measured cannot be improved and cannot be evaluated. Have you adapted specific remuneration policies for ESG performance?

These are the main questions on which this report aims to shed light. In order to do so, it has analysed a sample of 85 companiesThe IBEX 35 companies and 50 companies listed on the continuous market from different sectors are among them.

In order to assess the degree of mainstreaming of the sustainability in business activity and managementThe analysis carried out includes three axes of research:  

Sustainable world change


Examine the presence on the Board Board of Directors of a transversal transversal governance body in charge of sustainabilityin order to to understand their degree of integration into existing mechanisms for decision-making. decision-making mechanisms.
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Knowing the commitments purchased by companies with regard to both the environment and environment as well as in the social sphere
and verify whether these commitments are translated into concrete and measurable measurable objectives.
Sustainable economy


Analyse whether the company links variable executive remuneration to performance ESG performance of the company and to the company's sustainability objectives.

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Only 40% of the analysed companies communicate concrete and measurable environmental objectives.
The percentage drops to 13% in the case of quantifiable social objectives.
Non-IBEX listed companies are lagging behind in terms of specific sustainability bodies.

Only 32% deals with ESG issues formally within a governance body.

The environmental factor is much more integrated in companies than the social aspects.

Even IBEX35 companies are lagging behind, with only 29% of them making measurable and quantifiable social objectives visible.

Progress in ESG performance-related pay is notable in IBEX companies

54% of IBEX companies already have variable remuneration linked to ESG aspects.

68% of IBEX35 companies had a Sustainability Committee in 2020

In 2018, only 20% of IBEX companies had a dedicated Sustainability Committee.

Outside the IBEX, the incorporation of ESG incentives is still incipient.

Only 18% declare to have a bonus linked to ESG performance.