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Green Paper on purpose-driven business

The Foundation B Lab Spain, the driving force behind the B Corp movement in Spain, and law firm Gabeiras and Associates have presented the Green Paper on purpose-driven businessThe project was developed in collaboration with multiple actors in the impact ecosystem. 

This presentation was the first step towards promoting the legal recognition of the economic and business model with purpose in Spain. A business model that, beyond generating economic benefits, seeks above all to generate social and environmental value.

The current economic system, far from generating shared value, has concentrated profit and, as a consequence, has generated serious social imbalances and environmental damage. Faced with this situation, the Green Paper on companies with purpose calls for the creation of a legal figure, the Benefit and Common Interest Companies (SBIC), which identifies and legally recognises those companies that meet the most demanding standards in terms of social, environmental, transparency and good corporate governance.

This legal recognition is fundamental to stimulate the development in Spain of a business model aimed at generating value for society and the planet, beyond its own economic benefits.

This legal recognition is also intended to increase the transformative potential of the economy towards a just transition.

If you want to download the report you can click here and find out more about the purpose-driven companies at our blog.

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