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We live in complicated times, times in which we as human beings face great social and environmental challenges.

The company has a leading role as an agent of change, which no longer seeks to serve only the interests of its shareholders but also those of all its stakeholders: employees, suppliers, society and the environment, towards the new business paradigm.

This trend, which began timidly two years ago, has only consolidated, driven by consumers who increasingly demand more committed companies, and by public administration and governments, which not only regulate in this direction, but also promote the transformation of the company through multiple initiatives, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And finally, investors, who are increasingly focusing on the incorporation of ESG (Environmental, Social and Good Governance) criteria, with important movements such as green bonds and impact investment.

The arrival of COVID 19 has only accelerated this trend.The future of business is being redrawn at speed, in an environment of great uncertainty. The future of business is being redrawn at full speed, in an environment of great uncertainty, where the why is very clear, but there are many questions about the how.

Positive impact is trending

Transcendent started its journey almost 3 years ago, but it is now when we decided to start our blog #BusinessBeyondProfit, which aims to be a window from the curiosity about what is happening -which is a lot- around the social impact of business.

From here we want to share with you what interests us at Transcendent, the people who inspire us in our own journey of impact, the issues that we think will be trending in the coming months and years. We want to remain curious about a new reality that is radically changing the way we do business, seeking a positive impact on society and the environment from the very heart of the business. A way of working that requires a different but tremendously motivating approach. A way of working that retains talent, that consumers prefer, that shareholders value and that investors appreciate.

With this Transcendent blogWe want to share with you our vision of this paradigm shift and how to implement it. We also want to share articles, trends, events that we hope will give you clarity and direction for the future you face as leaders of your companies. We thank you for your courage and curiosity. The journey of Corporate Social Impact has begun. Will you join us?

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