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Government approves 2021 Progress Report

Spain to report to the United Nations on progress achieved

The Council of Ministers has approved the Progress Report 2021The Spanish Sustainable Development Strategy 2030, a package of measures that includes the 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy, as a tool to achieve Spain's compliance with the Agenda 2030.

This document will allow Spain to report to the United Nations on the progress made in the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan approved in 2018 and on the future commitments to accelerate its fulfilment, as set out in the 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy.

This accountability will take place in the framework of the second Voluntary National Review that Spain will undergo next July.

The 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy specifies eight major challenges facing us today and the accelerating sustainable development policies that need to be put in place to address them.

The eight great challenges facing our country

Specifically, the main challenges facing our country have been identified as poverty and inequality; the climate and environmental emergency; the gender inequality gap and discrimination; the inefficiencies of the economic system; job insecurity; the crisis of public services; global injustice and threats to human rights and democratic principles; and the situation of the rural environment, among others.

To meet these challenges, the government must implement a series of concrete policies between now and 2030, which are set out in the document.

Our country committed in 2015 to implement the 2030 Agenda to improve people's lives, the natural environment in which we live and our relationship with it, and to strengthen our public institutions and services.

Almost six years after its approval, the 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy aims to set the path for Spain to fulfil its commitment in the coming years.

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