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20 May 2021: 10:00h - 11:00h

To know where we are in this process of change, APD y TranscendentThe cycle is set in motion "Corporate purpose. From CSR to positive impact".to analyse, measure and debate the degree of involvement of Spanish companies in the face of this unprecedented challenge that is beginning to consolidate itself in the professional world.

Angel Pérez Agenjo, founder and managing partner of TranscendentJudith Stroehle, director of the Rethinking Performance Initiative of the European Commission's Rethinking Performance Initiative. Said Business School Oxfordand Daniel Truran, B Corp Ambassador B Lab Europe and CEO of EBBF - Ethical Business Building the Future, will discuss trends and opportunities around purpose as an element of management and profitability improvement.

What is purpose in a company?

Purpose is no longer a statement of good intentions but a management element that increasingly demands professionalisation from business leaders. A global trend within the business world that places economic performance and social and good governance factors on an equal footing.

In this process of activation of purpose and transformation of the company from a non-financial point of view towards sustainability in order to generate impact, each company is at a different point in time. In this context, it is worth asking: is the purpose rigorously defined, are environmental and social activities aligned, is there a single document or scorecard that provides visibility of what is being done?

To this end, the academic environment and the organisations' field experience are helping to define a catalogue of good practices. These range from definition of KPIs The company has been able to develop specific measures to measure the positive impact of the business, including the incorporation of variable remuneration models for executives.

How has the concept of purposeful leadership evolved?

The concept of purpose has been firmly placed at the centre of the business debate and, as a consequence, the growing social demand for a new way of doing business. An approach that goes beyond the classical definition of a CSR objective to transcend and consolidate itself in the organisational culture that underpins strategic decisions and the day-to-day work of employees.

This change, based on the transition to a new model of capitalism, is committed to transforming society and the planet by harnessing the strengths of individuals and collectives. It also appeals directly to companies to take a stand from their own sphere of influence. At this point, do Spanish companies have an identified purpose, is it activated, who is leading the definition and implementation of the purpose in companies, who is leading the definition and implementation of the purpose in companies, who is leading the definition and implementation of the purpose in companies? Find out more about the purposeful leadership at our blog and read the article "Is it worth activating (and managing) corporate purpose?"Ángel Pérez Agenjo, our managing partner, has published in the magazine Ethic"!

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