First Corporate
Purpose Barometer

in Spain

Is Purpose already a reality for the Spanish businesses? Is it defined with rigour and robustness? Is it activated? Who are leading the definition and integration of the Purpose within the companies? Is the Board of Directors taking into account the Purpose as part of their decisions? Are the companies incorporating bonus as a part of the top executives' reward packages to incentivize Purpose performance?

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Purpose is gaining momentum:
67% of businesses have already defined their Purpose
According to the 72% of the survey respondents

CEOs and the Board of Directors are responsible for the integration of the Purpose within the corporation

Purpose is a leverage to attract talent

because 8 out of 10 executives prefer to work in a business with Purpose

The main barrier for the activation of Purpose is the urgency of other business matters

followed by the lack of standard KPIs

Purpose is perceived as a valuable asset for businesses

and as an element that definitely contributes to improve their profitability

Over 50% of the survey respondents

declared that Purpose is more relevant nowadays due to COVID and the environmental crisis


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