New leaders with purpose

No purpose, no future

"Take a step forward or get out of the way". That's what one of the great figures of the new capitalism is saying, John ElkingtonHe told investors and managers at a conference he gave last January in London's financial district. This new way of thinking, including in business, is leading to a new capitalism defined by purpose. It is from him that new leaders with purpose emerge.

But what do the new purpose-driven leaders look like?

As María Herrero, partner at Transcendentin this article of Expansión "answer without hesitation to your employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the communities in which you operate to the question of what society needs a company like the one you lead". A big question that more and more managers are being asked and that can be, as explained in this article, key to the future of companies. 

If you want to know more about the new leaders with purposeread this post by María Herrero, feel free to visit the Transcendent blog.

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