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Making impact
a key business driver

Transcendent is a boutique consulting firm specialized in business impact and ESG performance

We work with business leaders transforming social and environmental challenges into business opportunities as well as
boosting ESG performance.


First Corporate
Purpose Barometer

in Spain

Innovative solutions for global challenges

Humanity is facing unprecedented, complex and systemic challenges that are changing the rules of the game. Companies have a key role in the future which we are all part of.

New impact capitalism demands companies to act as key transformation agents while at the same time improving their business results. Generating impact, managing ESG performance and activating their purpose are all urgent matters and at the same time unprecedent business opportunities.

your revenues

Improve your positioning and connect with your clients better

Drive processes

Define, activate and measure your purpose

Attract and retain talent

Identify and exploit new business opportunities for growth and efficiency

Proven proprietary methodology

The Business Impact Journey drives business transformation, whatever your starting point is.

From Corporate Social Responsibility to the Business impact, through boosting ESG performance. We work alongside clients at all stages of their journey towards business impact.

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Activating and measuring Business Purpose. Purposeful leadership.


Identification of growth and efficiency levers through impact. Impact measurement and innovation roadmap.

ESG Performance

ESG strategy, performance management, ESG ratings and benchmarks.

We work with business leaders

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Success stories
Analysing Business Impact and its opportunities driven by the Board of Directors
Defining the global sustainability strategy for Orange in Spain
Accelerating the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility and social and environmental impact within Lilly´s business
Cobas Asset Management
First Spanish Fund management company to obtain the BCorp certificate
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