The financial sector is in a process of evolution marked by social and investor demands and regulatory changes. The growing weight of ESG criteria in the sector poses both risks and opportunities for companies.
  • Greenhouse Gases (GHG).
  • Funding and investment in industries lacking in transparency and/or with impacts harmful.
  • Social support for a just and inclusive green transition.
  • Digital divide: inequalities resulting from digitisation.
  • Pressure of stakeholders.
  • Training of employees in digital skills and sustainability.
  • Low financial education of the population.
  • Intensification of the regulation, more complex and demanding.
  • Demand for transparency and business ethics.
  • Change in the customer needs: new formulas for care and service.
  • Mistrust of sector actors and reputational risk.
  • Cybersecurity and data protection.
  • Management of the systemic risk.
  • Revaluation substantial and abrupt asset stripping because of scandal or controversy.
  • Channelling investment towards impact businesses, incorporating ESG criteria in the analysis.
  • Facilitate funding to sustainable projects.
  • Emission reductions in own installations: energy efficiency, renewable energies...
  • Working with investors to promote their awareness and contribution to sustainable development.
  • Incorporation of new technologies to deliver better services, optimise processes and drive positive impact.
  • Facilitating role in the economic recovery fair and sustainable.
  • Digitisation as a way to recover profitability.
  • Alliances with strategic partners.
We provide expertise and support to help mitigate risks and seize opportunities specific to this sector.


Defining the business purpose

and incorporation into the company's activity.

ESG Due Diligence

identification of ESG value levers in high potential investments.

Strategic sustainability plan

setting objectives, indicators and actions to achieve them.

Responsible Investment Strategy

putting sustainability at the heart of its investments

Measuring social and environmental impact

of the company's activity.

ESG risk identification

Measurement of their likelihood and impact and definition of mitigation/management plan.